We have just embarked upon the start of the 2013 holiday season and with the country's volatile economy, many shoppers are looking for ways to save money. Free shipping day may be the answer. The increase of online purchases has made merchants look for ways to entice potential consumers.

Shipping rates can put a serious dent in your holiday budget, especially for those who intend on reshipping the gifts to friends and family members nationwide. Retailers are making this easier for shoppers by sending the items directly to the recipients completely free of charge. Simply place your order, fill out the mailing address and you're done. Just think of all the time, money and headaches you'll save by taking advantage of Free shipping day this season.

Many merchants will be offering added discounts, which may be combined with the free ship option to maximize savings. Use today's latest apps, customer loyalty cards and online promotions to get the most for your money. Some merchants will even offer to gift wrap items and include a gift card with your purchase, so before hitting the place order button check out the shipping cost to see if you can benefit from Free shipping day.